The scribblings of an eccentric writer for your perusal


They step forward,
Their hands aclapsed,
Their dance about to begin.

A fair maiden and her suitor,
Joined by fate’s devices,
Entangled for eternity.

The lass’s visage is a semblance of beauty,
Deemed proper by her Creator,
And ’tis Love her name.

Her partner Life knows
That without her,
He is nothing.

The dance begins,
the wailing of the instruments astringed
a harmonious discord.

Together as one being,
Eyes locked in endless embrace,
They flow.

For they know that as one
No obstacle will claim them,
Nor foe earthy or otherworldly.

But only as one.

For should their gaze quaver,
Their grip loosen,
Fall they would.

And dance a different dance
A dance of Lust and Loss
Would they.

Their grasp tightens,
Their gaze strengthens,
And on they dance.

Luke Scicluna


One response

  1. Luke, you’re very talented. I love it 🙂 x

    August 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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