The scribblings of an eccentric writer for your perusal


A Smile

The world against me seems
Torn at the seams
When that smile I do not see.

When those shining eyes fall into I do not
That familiar form I do not spot
My sorrow does not end.

But when I that voice I hear
A friend concerned, a companion dear,
Despair the battle has lost.

A friend I have again found
All bitterness is drowned
Because of that smile.

Luke Scicluna



Radiant disc, without sign of chore
Climbing into realm of deepest blue,
Creation hearing an inaudible call
Yearning to bask in its living hue.

Bird aloft calls to loving mate,
Cry apart from malice or hate,
As a hidden tapestry of life
Unfolds, and forgotten is strife.

Innocence’s living melancholy
Alas, is downed by treacherous foe,
Claimed by poison strong and unholy,
Territory sacred forced to forgo.

Living calm made martyr by fire,
Eternal call bruised and battered so,
Foe victorious by force and ire,
Hero now mere weave and fresco.

Gracious tears of light and water,
Shed by once purest azure,
Searching in vain for slightest fissure
Or gutter along a holy cloister.

Swathes of grey and metal chrome,
Where once was life and vigor,
Survived only by dusty tome
Lying in its grave of rigor.

Luke Scicluna


Eyes are gleaming
in the light
of day and night.

Hair is flowing
through the air
without a care.

Lips are smiling
lightly laughing
the world enchanting.

Heart is pumping
with rhythm sure
and emotion pure.

Day and night
thoughts are kind
to others never blind.

Sound in mind
kind in heart
a work of art.

Luke Scicluna